Everyone can learn professional painting and drawing. Especially, if you are from London.

The Academy of Fine Art Germany is one of the few art schools worldwide, which teaches realistic academic painting and drawing.

In Germany, we are the first academy providing the classical techniques of the 19th century’s European art academies.

You’re living in London, we are located in Bad Homburg. That’s not a problem! Many of our students and artists are from distant cities in Germany and Europe.


What’s your personal goal?

You want to study art? You want to become a professional artist or art teacher? You are new to the art scene? In that case, your life can change instantly! The Academy of Fine Art Germany offers a perfect environment for reaching your goals, no matter where you’re coming from.

You are from London? Then we can provide you with an all-in-one package consisting of our Full-Time studies, our Flexible Program and our workshops. As fundamentals for all levels you will study anatomy, proportions, shadow & light, values and gestures. We will teach you in portraying figures realistically, as well as painting and drawing still lifes and landscapes. Our international teachers from all over the world will support you on your way to professional painting and drawing.

Are you ready for your art career? Let yourself be inspired!

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Why is realistic drawing and painting important in many ways?

Professional artist, architect, digital artist, graphic designer, fashion designer, product designer, sculptor, tattoo artist or gaming industry professional. These are all professions, in which you must be able to draw and paint realistically and traditionally. In most national universities, this is something you will not learn. They mostly concentrate on theory like art history or will focus on modern subjects. But realistic drawing and painting is the foundation of everything. Old masters as well as living masters were aware of this and therefore studied this craft properly.


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