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Is art really a matter of taste?

academy kunst reine geschmacksache 01 - Is art really a matter of taste?

When we look at an impressive painting, watch an amazing movie or listen to really good music we often say: “That’s real art!” And just like that people often say “That’s not art” while looking at something they do not understand or where quality and craft is missing. But the question if something is art […]

How can you make money with your art?

academy von kunst leben 01 - How can you make money with your art?

Who wants to work as a professional full-time artist must be able to earn enough money with his/her art to pay for all the costs. But how is that possible? How can you earn money from your drawings and paintings? That Question is asked by many people. People who want to make their hobby into […]

Online vs. Academy

academy kunstakademie 01 - Online vs. Academy

If you want to learn how to paint and draw, you need to use the existing learning resources. Those who are checking the entire internet will sooner or later find an offer of an online course. But what distinguishes the online course from an art academy? What should you pay attention to and how do […]