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The difference between photorealism and realism

academy kunst realismus fotorealismus 01 - The difference between photorealism and realism

Mostly we would describe a painting, which gives us a feeling of light, shadow, and shape — an illusion of a 3-dimensional effect — as “photo realism”. But artworks, which were created in an academic style are actually not photo realism. An artist creating a photorealistic painting uses photos as a reference and will try to […]


academy kitsch 01 - Kitsch

The original meaning of the word “Kitsch” is actually a pejorative description for a special kind of art, without any intellectual value. But philosophers and artists are arguing about the meaning of the word for ages. In general, you can describe everything, what counts as mass cultural art that gives you an illusion of a […]

The Self-Portrait

academy selbstportrait 01 - The Self-Portrait

Almost every artist, dead or alive, has tried to create a self- portrait sooner or later. The self-portrait allows a deeper look into the thoughts of an artist and gives us an idea of how he or she sees himself/herself. There are many different ways to create a self-portrait. The style, the technique, and even […]

Artist of the Week: Gyula Benczúr

academy gyula benczur 01 - Artist of the Week: Gyula Benczúr

Gyula Benczúr The painter Gyula Benczúr was born on the 28th of January 1844 in Nyfregyháza and died on the 16th of July 1920 in the today known Szécsény. He was and still is one of the most successful and technically gifted artists from Hungary. Today we would describe him as a history painter. Even […]

Comparative measurement

academy cast zeichnen 01 - Comparative measurement

While the artist is using the Sight-Size method to draw the motif in the same size as he sees it, the Comparative Method can be used to freely enlarge or reduce motifs. Although it may be more difficult to get an accurate drawing, this method is much more flexible than the Sight-Size method. The choice […]

Pablo Ruiz Picasso

academy pablo ruiz picasso 01 - Pablo Ruiz Picasso

Pablo Ruiz Picasso – Born on October 25th, 1881, deceased on April 8th, 1973 at age 91 He is known as one of the most important artists of the 20th century. He stands as a role model and incarnation of modern art, more than any other artist. Besides being a painter, illustrator and sculptor he was […]