Students Workshop

Here you will find our student workshop, which is aimed at the younger ones to give them an insight into realistic drawing and teaches many helpful tips and tricks.


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  • Drawing course for students from 12 years to 16 years old
  • Learn to draw proportions correctly
  • Train your eye and learn the tricks of the pros
  • Learn to shade correctly
  • Learn to draw realistically

Fees and available dates
480 € (incl. VAT)
This workshop takes place as a 5-day workshop with 5 hours of classes per day (Monday – Friday, 9:30 -15:30, lunch break 12 – 13:00).

Pupils workshop: 01.08. – 05.08.2022

What will I learn?
In the workshop you will learn our techniques to transfer proportions exactly and to shade correctly. With different exercises we train your eye and explain how light and shadow work exactly to create a 3-D effect. Image composition and perspective to have a beautiful result are as important as the correct use of materials. This week we will draw with pencil and charcoal.

What will I need?
First of all: curiosity and a good will receive a material list by email after your registration. (The costs are between 25 – 40 €, depending on what materials you already have).

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