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You can choose between the Academic Workshop Painter and Academic Workshop Sculptor, which combines many different topics such as nude drawing, modelling, still life or basics in a 4-week course.

Pupils and students aged 16 and over receive a 15% discount on all workshops (does not apply to student workshops). Send us proof of your school or student status after registering for one or more workshops.


  • Course for beginners & advanced
  • Learn all important topics in one workshop
  • From drawing to painting
  • Life drawing from longpose (60 hours)
  • Learn to draw and paint realistically

Fees and available dates
2.500 € (incl. VAT)
This workshop takes place as a 4-week workshop with 6 hours of classes per day (Monday – Friday, 9:30 -16:30). The price already includes a welcome dinner and a farewell dinner.

Academic Workshop painter: 24.07. – 18.08.2023 

What will I learn?
In this workshop we will guide you through the basics and main topics that our students also learn. During the entire four weeks you will participate in a so-called long pose. This means you will draw from the same nude model in the same pose for 3 hours a day and will be able to learn figurative drawing intensively.

During the first week you will also get to know our measuring method and the academic concept. You will work with pencil from Charles Bargue copies. In the second week we move on to charcoal drawing. Here we work from our casts. These are white plaster sculptures that will be accurately transferred in their proportions. You will learn a lot about light and shadow. In the third week we will dedicate ourselves to oil painting. After an introduction to the subject, you will first learn oil painting step by step with a small color palette (max. 4 colors). Of course, this also includes the handling, cleaning and storage of materials. In the fourth week we will then deal with still life. Different objects, surfaces and colors expand the color palette and you learn more about pictorial composition, mixing colors and painting layers on layers. This workshop is a great way to get to know our teachers and the Academy if you are thinking about studying with us. Otherwise you will take home a lot of useful information to continue your artistic work on your own.

You can also extend this workshop with the Basic Sculpture Workshop one week before or the 2-week Écorché Workshop afterwards. If you are interested, just contact us and we can offer you a reduced price.

Here again the overview:

  • 4 weeks of nude drawing (60 hours total)
  • Week Basics Drawing with Pencil
  • week cast drawing with charcoal
  • week basics oil painting
  • week still life in oil
  • Welcome dinner in the first week
  • Farewell dinner in the last week

What will I need?
First of all: curiosity and a good attitude. You will receive a materials list by email after your registration. (If you don’t have any materials, the purchase costs can be quite high. But if that is too much for you at the beginning, you can also use materials from the Academy for a fee and decide afterwards if you want to buy them or not. The cost is therefore about 40 – 300 €, depending on what materials you already have).

    • For beginners & advanced
    • Learn the basics of modelling with clay
    • Modelling without previous knowledge
    • Proportion theory of the human head
    • Learn to cast – i.e. to mould your work

    Fees and available dates
    3.000 € (incl. VAT)
    This workshop takes place as a 4-week workshop with 6 hours of classes per day (Monday – Friday, 9:30 -16:30). The price already includes a welcome dinner and a farewell dinner

    Academic Workshop sculptur: 24.07. – 18.08.2023

    What will I learn?
    In this workshop you will be taught the important basics of modelling with clay by the teachers of the Academy of Fine Art Germany. Of course, this also includes the basics such as material science. Before the workshop begins, participants receive step-by-step instructions to introduce them to the methodology and materials. The first 1.5 weeks are spent modelling from simple templates. After that, modelling from a real human model begins. Of course, you will receive an introduction to proportion theory and the anatomy of the human body. In small groups you will then work directly from the model. Part of the workshop is the examination of the individual materials, fittings, modelling woods and techniques.

    What will I need?
    You must enjoy working with your hands and be interested in learning about an ancient artistic craft. For everything else, you will receive further information by email after your registration. (The material costs for clay, plaster and silicone as well as a farewell dinner together are already included. The only thing you need are modelling woods).

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