What happens after graduation? Your opportunities after completing the program.

You have many options available to you after completing our program. To offer you the highest degree of academic training, we strongly suggest you enroll in the advanced painting program after finishing the drawing course. Of course, you could always transfer to a university and enroll in a degree program in art or fashion design. You will have a clear technical advantage by having completed our program.


For many creative professions the most important thing is technical skill and comprehension of design principles such as transferring shape and light. This is why you will be able to work as a drafting technician, illustrator, or designer, because for all of these professions you will need foundational knowledge in the techniques and methods of sculpting and/or drawing and painting.

Even if you already have an established career path, our program can be used as a post-graduate certification. Since we are accredited by the Hessian Teachers Academy, many teachers use our program to develop their skill sets further. Storyboarder, motion designers and concepts artists have also benefited from our instruction, and utilized it to advance professionally.

One program – many possibilities

Many creative professions and even degree programs in the creative arts require a portfolio of work. We support you in preparing to the best of your abilities. The work you complete during the program will bolster your portfolio. Many of our graduates have taken up employment in a variety of fields. If you, too, are interested in one of the following professions then apply now to begin the program next trimester, attend a workshop, or sign up for a free, personal consultation.

3D Artist
Digital Artist
Video Game Designer
Graphic Designer
Product Designer
Fashion Designer
Independent Artist
Portrait Painter
Tattoo Artist

Character Designer