DIY Tutorial: How to tone a paper

posted on 23.07.2019
Why do I need to tone a paper? There are many reasons why you should draw on a toned paper. At our local art store, you will find a huge selection of papers. These are mostly white. When drawing on a white paper, the brightest areas of the drawing remain…
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One-Year Internship?

posted on 18.07.2019
If you failed to pass the German Abitur (the final secondary school exams) or to finish the secondary school and you decided to earn a vocational diploma instead, then the one-year internship is the perfect solution for you! Requirements  11th/ 12th grade should be successfully completed There should be no interruption…
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Differences between digital and traditional drawing

posted on 11.07.2019
There is a huge debate on whether digital art takes skill or not. In my opinion, it does, but we’re not talking about that today. Today we’ll be discussing the differences between digital art and traditional art along with their advantages and disadvantages. At the end, I’ll add my own…
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