Our Philosophy

Since 2014, we—as the only Academy of this kind in Germany—have been offering a three-year program of study, which encompasses centuries-old knowledge about the essence of drawing, painting and sculpting and provides a comprehensive basis for modern creative professions. Apart from providing the highest standard of artistic education, we also strive to create a welcoming and supportive setting. Creativity and art can only be fully lived in such an environment. Instruction includes a variety of methods, as well as topics related to marketing and running a successful creative business. This enables students to develop their own style and also learn how to present themselves, so that they can become successful professionals. Furthermore, our international focus allows for exciting exchanges with a diverse set of people, styles, and experiences.

Dana Güttler

Dana Güttler


As the director, Dana is the heart and soul of the Academy of Fine Art. At a young age, she discovered her love of art and quickly realized that realistic art necessitate structured and detailed instruction. Since at the time there was no opportunity in Germany to enrol in such a course, she took intensive classes from private tutors.

After the successful completion of her degree in business administration, she set herself the goal to make realistic art as a subject of study accessible (again) in Germany. In 2014 she was able to achieve this goal with the creation of the Academy of Fine Art. Dana utilizes her commercial expertise as well as her artistic know-how to passionately lead the Academy, representing the Academy publicly as well as forging important contacts.

Our instructors & facilities

In addition to several sculpture, drawing and painting rooms, we also have a very large space for life drawing. However, the center point of the Academy of Fine Art Germany, is the inviting chillout lounge which includes a Café. Bad Homburg, which is defined by its many parks and green spaces, also offers ample opportunity for plein air instruction during the spring and summer months. The faculty is as international as the student body, and obtained their qualifications at renowned ateliers. Our excellent instructors are passionate about teaching the knowledge of the old masters, with patience, kindness, and in an approachable manner.

What you can expect from us


We know that every person is different, and we are dedicated to supporting every student on their individual journey. Our small class sizes ensure that each student is given the individual attention they need.


Our instructors are professional artists with many years of experience. They are from all over the world and are keen to pass on their knowledge to the students at the Academy of Fine Art Germany.


We took great care in constructing our curriculum, so that it is tailored exactly to the needs of our students and as such is unique in Germany. As a private institution, we can focus on the artistic craft without having to adhere to a state-mandated curriculum.


We are very proud to be the only institution in Germany that focuses on realistic drawing and painting, and to have made this course of study accessible to the wider public since 2014.


Whether you have no prior knowledge or are already experienced, freshly graduated from secondary school or enjoying your golden years: after three years of full-time study all graduates will have obtained a similar level of skill.


Even though all our students learn the same skills, each person is fostered and supported individually. Our instructors are always present. Every day they spend time with each individual student to support and guide them.

Program of study Drawing & Painting

Art has to be taught live to become alive. Art is movement, change, and experimentation. At the Academy of Fine Art Germany, we support you in finding your inner artist and to bring to life your art. Choose a full-time or part-time program to learn realistic Sculpting, Drawing & Painting, and prepare for your successful career.

zeichnende Person
drawing person