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posted on 04.11.2021

Hessian Ministry for Science and Art grants state approval

On Thursday, 04.11.21, the Hessian Ministry of Science and Art was a guest in Bad Homburg for a ceremonial event. Ministerialdirigent Eric Seng (Head of the Department of Art and Culture at the Hessian Ministry of Science and Art) handed over the state approval to the Academy of Fine Art Germany. Bad Homburg's Lord Mayor Alexander Hetjes, the students of the Academy and other guests celebrated this in a small setting on the Academy's campus, Im Atzelnest 3, at the Südcampus in Bad Homburg

From now on, the Academy will be the first institution in Hessen to offer full-school training as a state-approved art painter and state-approved sculptor.

In a 3-year full-school education, the Academy teaches the traditional basics of painting, drawing and sculpture as well as knowledge about figurative and representational art. It focuses on a solid artistic education and promotes ability, talent and quality. Craft is not understood as a dogma or limitation, but as an empowerment to express one's ideas freely. The knowledge imparted serves the students as a toolbox from which they can independently create and design.

Career opportunities with concept art and VFX

For further professional perspectives, the art academy offers a one-year additional qualification in digital drawing. The total training time is then 4 years in total. In this additional year, students are taught by industry professionals from the fields of film and gaming. Concept art and VFX (visual effects) are then on the curriculum and the canvas is replaced by the PC. The students learn how to design characters and create surfaces. The career opportunities for graduates increase significantly. The digital film industry is booming and is desperately looking for manpower.

Short portrait of the Academy of Fine Arts

Since the founding of the Academy of Fine Art Germany in 2014, the founding couple Jürgen and Dana Güttler have experienced a lot. Such a classical academic education is not only sought after by artists or painters, but is also valued in many other creative/artistic professions. From storyboarders to designers, from tattoo artists to concept artists or character designers, many international students have already taken advantage of the Academy's offer to deepen their skills in drawing and painting. It doesn't matter whether the students come directly from school or whether they already have professional experience, studies or training behind them. From schoolchildren to pensioners, everything is represented. Many Germans take advantage of the unique offer of the art academy, but the number of interested students from abroad is also increasing from year to year.

Currently, the Academy has about 60 students doing their training full or part time. Since it is possible to register for every term of the year, the number is growing continuously.


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