Storyboard artists bring stories to life using drawing and painting

Your successful start as a storyboard artist – Improve your portfolio

When applying for your education or job you will need to provide samples of your work, like drawings, paintings, sketches and other works of art.

The Academy of Fine Art Germany can support you in achieving a high quality in your works and therefore reaching your personal goals!

Storyboard artists raise emotions through animated and moving images

Create complex worlds with strong characters, whose stories and feelings can be experienced through the drawing and painting of facial expressions, gesture, animated bodies, landscapes, rooms and interactions.

Your work as a storyboard artist

As a storyboard artist, you will be illustrating / visualizing filmic and literary ideas, using scripts and screenplays. Sometimes it will be small visualizations for pitches, sometimes complex storyboards. In both cases you’re creating image sequences, which follow the storyline. Your success will be determined by your artistic skills and individual style. Storyboards are in most cases created for high budget productions like blockbuster movies, commercials, animated movies, stage shows, concerts and musicals. Storyboarding was invented by the Walt Disney Studios.

Have a look at this video by RocketJump Film School, in which you can insight into the artistic requirements of a storyboard artist.

Skills of a storyboard artist – Start enhancing those early!

Storyboard artists have to translate complex and dramatic stories into a series of moving and illustrative images. You need strong imagination for this task and experience with how objects and human bodies behave naturally. You must have knowledge of proportions, light and shadow, tonality, composition and 3D effects. Visualizing facial expressions, body structure, clothing and movement will become your second nature.

The craft of visualizing your ideas must be perfected to become a successful architect. The basics of professional drawing and painting must be learned before starting your studies. We can help you learning all these skills to stand out as a storyboard artist.

Werde Storyboarder oder zeichne Comics durch dein Studium an der Academy of Fine Art Germany

How to become a successful storyboard artist

There are many ways to start your career. No matter how you choose, it’s essential you have perfect skills in drawing and painting.

When creating a storyboard, you will be working according to instructions given to you by directors, and cameramen. You will visualize their ideas and concepts, acting as an illustrator, who is familiar with cinematic language. Often storyboard artists will be included in the conceptual process. When producing commercials, storyboards are sometimes created before a director is involved. A storyboard is used to make perspectives, framing, lighting, color palettes and general esthetics understandable for everyone.

Our teachers can help you reach a very professional level in drawing and painting and prepare you for this profession!

Artistic creativity conveyed through visualization
Proportions, perspectives, light and shadow, colors and 3D-effects
Stand out using your creativity and artistic skills