For Pupils


You are passionate and interested about art and you want to paint and draw, but you do not know how it will go on? No problem, you can figure it out at our Academy!

For secondary and upper secondary students, we offer an internship. You can take part in our practical and theoretical programs, exchange ideas with other students and teachers and get to know the Academy. Take a look at our tips (linking internship). We look forward to see you!

Preparation for university

You are about to graduate and would like to study art? However, you learned a lot of theory at your school, but there was not enough time for practice at all? Or you want to prepare intensively for studying at a university or an art college? Then the preparation course for the university fits perfectly! In this course you will be optimally prepared for the university. In addition to the theoretical content, there is enough time for practice. In addition, we will support and advise you concerning your folder (linking).

Test Course

Once per trimester, the Academy offers a class with theoretical and practical lessons. Especially interesting for those young people, who have to choose a profession.

At our Academy, you can have a look at the regular study process and you can talk to the teachers and to other students, so that you can exchange information. Are you interested?

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Group course

You have choosen art as major subject for your Abitur? Then you are welcome to visit us by appointment. We will inform you about the different study models. In addition to that, you can also take a look at our academy. Talk to your teachers and make an appointment.


You do not live in Germany and still want to study at our Academy? No problem!

If you have a European Passport, then you can just sign up as no Visa is requiered.

If you just plan to study one trimester here, it is enough to receive a short Visa (Schengen Visa). However, concerning a fulltime-study, you need a national Visa oft he category “ D“. If you have questions according to this topic, you can go to the “ Foreign Office or to the German Embassy in your home country.

For more information just have a look here:

And here you can find the application to the Visa of the category  “D’’: