The most important thing for us is your passion for art and your artistic abilities. We follow our slogan “Realistic painting and drawing is a craft, that everyone can learn!”. For this reason, we are very supportive when it comes to talented students who are missing financial resources for studying at our Academy. Together we can work out a plan, which brings you in the position to start or continue your education.

The process of awarding a scholarship is complex and different for each applicant. Therefore, we take our time with each student to find the best possible approach. In general, we are offering scholarships,  starting in your second year of studies.

We are giving out scholarships to students who are studying with us at least for 1 year (3 trimesters). The scholarships are divided in 100 % release of study fees 50% or 25 %. You can apply for them in your third trimester. Some criterias are:

  • Presence
  • Quality of your projects
  • Special recommendation from our teachers concerning your process, understanding and quality in your artworks.

You are getting a list of the criteria’s which are asked for when you are here.

You should also have a look for scholarships in your country. The local Department or ministry for education in your country might provide a list where you can apply for scholarships or grants if you want to study abroad.

If you are interested, don’t wait to contact us directly. We are looking forward to your message!