Who is studying at our academy and why?

Our students represent the variety of purposes for needing drawing and painting skills. First of all, everybody can come to our academy and learn how to draw and paint realistically. You do not need a specific graduation. A lot of people are asking: “Do I need to be talented?”. To have a talent might be good but it is the passion you should bring with you. With the help of our teachers and our study program you will learn step by step how to draw and paint realistically in a really high quality.

Our students are between 16 and over 80 years of age, coming from all over Germany and from different other countries. Some of them have already studied art but have not learned the craft of drawing and painting. Some are retired and have finally got time to go for their passion. We have professional artists, tattoo artists, tailors, fashion designers, product designers, 3D animators, illustrators, some coming from the gaming industry and many more. There are plenty of professions, in which it is helpful and sometimes essential to know how to draw and paint.

Here you can find some of our students telling you why they are studying at our academy:

Aktzeichnen lernen vom Live Model - Workshop


I’m Max, 25 years old and I’m currently studying Media Design. In the future I want to concentrate completely on drawing and painting, mostly because I have so many ideas stuck in my head. The Academy in Bad Homburg represents everything I wish for, when thinking about a working- and learning-space. I like the idea of realizing each and every subject, which also is my personal goal. I want to become an artist completely focusing on good paintings and drawings.


I’m Kevin, 22 years old. I’ve always been fascinated by key animators like Yoh Yoshinari or Tatsuyuki Tanaka. Those are persons who are able to animate traditionally using pencil and paper. Because of this I wanted to study media design, focusing on 2D animation and character design. Unfortunately, this study program wasn’t at all what I was looking for.

Drawing and animating traditionally weren’t part of the education at all. The focus was on the software being used and not on the craft. Understanding the software of course is an important subject in this business. Still no company will hire a key animator or character designer who can’t draw.

Through studying here at the Academy of Fine Art Germany I hope to eliminate my deficiencies in the subjects of drawing and painting. Light and shadow, colors and complex anatomy are all topics with which I have been struggling for years. That’s why I really embrace the fact that this Academy wants to bring back the demand for realism in painting. Realistic paintings should again be the benchmark of today’s art.