Agustín Incicco – Interview with our teachers

academy agustin incicco 01 - Agustín Incicco - Interview with our teachers

Workshops, full-time study, parttime study? – These are all models that are offered in our Academy. But who is behind it? Do you already know our teachers?

We had a little interview with our teachers. May we introduce you?  Agustin!

What do you do in your free time?

I like to do sports. From swimming, cycling to jogging. I also like to watch football matches, read or like to go to museums.

What kind of sensations do you want to awaken in your artworks?

To be honest – no one. Much more important is that I implemented my idea and the atmosphere.

Which is your favorite country?

My favorite country is Italy. I like the art and the life there. I am fascinated by Rome.

What was your highlight this week?

laughs. This week it was definitely my move to Germany.

What is the first hour of your day?

The day starts with breakfast and a shower. In addition, I usually listen to the radio to start the day well.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love teaching. Developing new strategies and adapting to new people is a lot of fun. I like to lern new languages ​​and get to know new cultures.

Where have you worked everywhere?

Argentina, Uruguay, Italy, Spain and now in Germany.

I never want to miss

…the sunrise and the nature. That’s relaxation for me.

What’s your next project?

Currently I’m still working on a big picture. At the same time, I would like to continue working on my “Figure” series. But actually I do not have the time.

How much time in the day do you spend with art?

When I have time it is between 8 -10 hours. Currently, my focus is on teaching. Therefore, painting and drawing is done behind.

Who is your artistic role model?

I find Michelangelo inspiring. He combines the technique super with the symbolism, this is impressive.

Which is your favorite artwork?

Again, I find the fresco from the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo great. Even works by Justin Mortimer are great. The atmosphere he embodies is unique. But I also like classical works like the starry night of Van Gogh.

academy interview agustin michelangelo 01 - Agustín Incicco - Interview with our teachers

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