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If you want to learn how to paint and draw, you need to use the existing learning resources.

Those who are checking the entire internet will sooner or later find an offer of an online course. But what distinguishes the online course from an art academy? What should you pay attention to and how do you decide?

Between an online course and learning at an art academy, there are many differences. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, which should be taken into account when deciding.

The most important difference is the presence of a teacher. Just as a bloody beginner, it can be difficult to learn only by using a series of videos and texts. In the first few steps, one often needs a more individual support in order to avoid frustration. A teacher can take a very close look at each individual student and solve specific problems. Also, it is prevented by learning with a teacher who can consolidate bad habits that are difficult to learn later.

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The online course has the advantage that it is flexible in terms of time.

Whether it is late in the night, or early in the morning, the videos and texts are always ready, and they are quickly inserted into the calendar while studying at an academy usually takes place at fixed times. The advantage of the academy is again the fact that one is forced to learn. It is not possible to postpone the next lesson one more day. The academy is therefore especially for people who find it difficult to discipline themselves.

A further advantage of the online course is the possibility to repeat lessons freely, to watch videos again or to read a text again is always possible. This option is not easy at the academy.

In summary, it can be said that the academy is the better choice for people who want to learn the classical art of painting and drawing.

It allows a more individual and reliable training compared to the online course. However, the online course is a good addition to the studies and offers more experienced artists the opportunity to make progress by themselves. For an absolute newcomer, however, learning with an online course is very difficult and may be very frustrating or even counterproductive.


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