Dana Güttler: When and why did you decide to study at the Florence Academy of Art in Sweden?

Ricky Larsson: I was working in an art supply store, and was painting on my free time. And I saw the flyer to the FAA with very inspiring artists. I knew instantly: this is what I want to do, so I signed up.

Dana Güttler: How did you like it there?

Ricky Larsson: It was a perfect way to learn the classical tradition. A good and intensive period of my life.

Dana Güttler: What goal did you have or what did you want to achieve with a study at the Florence Academy?

Ricky Larsson: I always have admired the Old Masters. I saw the step to get there, is thru a study at an classical Academy.

Dana Güttler: In which terms did it help you?

Ricky Larsson: It gave me the possibility to paint and work with art for the rest of my life.

Ricky Larsson Interview

Dana Güttler: What can people expect studying at the Academy of Fine Art in Germany?

Ricky Larsson: Germany has a unique Academy, which is getting bigger and better every day.
It has many of the same teaching methods as other Ateliers and Academies. Students are given a bigger opportunity of freedom and of choice. Teachers from around the world teach through the Academy of Fine Art Bad Homburg.

Dana Güttler: Why do you think it is important for artists to learn the traditional techniques in drawing and painting?

Ricky Larsson: „It´s the painters answer to a classical School in music.“
Everything has a purpose, when you know that purpose and agree with it, you will know if it is for you. It´s the painters answer to a classical School in music.

Dana Güttler: How do you like Germany and Bad Homburg?

Ricky Larsson: „Bad Homburg is an ausgezeichneter Place to live and paint in“

Dana Güttler: Do I need a talent to become an artist?

Ricky Larsson: If you get a will, there is a way.

Ricky Larsson Interview

Dana Güttler: You are teaching at the Academy of Fine Art in Bad Homburg. Why have you chosen Germany?

Ricky Larsson: It´s a little warmer than Sweden…;) The Academy has great potential with good people working towards the same goals and visions.

Dana Güttler: Is it true that only the artists who understand their craft and learned it like the Old Masters could be successful?

Ricky Larsson: Successful in their craft yes, to be known internationally, no. This is something you have to learn and work on too. 500 years ago it might have been different. I think people had a better understanding of knowing their craft to a great extent.

Dana Güttler: You are internationally known and are a person of interest. What is the trend in art for the future?

Ricky Larsson: I´m not a trend artist. I paint the classical cause I want to. If it´s inn or not I don’t care. In many parts of the world the craft has been lost and pushed a side. But yes now we can definitely see it´s coming back. People enjoy to experience it and people enjoy to craft it.
I hope it will have the status it deserves as everything else.

Dana Güttler: Thank you for the interview and a big welcome to Bad Homburg, Germany.

Ricky Larsson Interview

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