Learn professional drawing and painting and become a dynamic draftsman

academy lerne malen zeichnen 01 - Learn professional drawing and painting and become a dynamic draftsman

Learn professional drawing and painting and become a dynamic draftsman

With an academic background in drawing and painting you will have a much easier time completing your concept art / illustration portfolio. For comic book artists, it’s a big advantage.

If you want to be a dynamic artist – being able to turn form into space and to draw the human figure without the use of heavy reference, drawing panels and using extreme perspective or drawing an action pose anatomically correct – the Academy of Fine Art Germany might be the right art school for you.

Here we focus on drawing the human figure, working with the visual impression and translating what we can see from nature. The critique you will get from our teachers is based around the individual person (you). If you are one of those people who want to become a comic book artist, concept artist, illustrator or any kind of draftsman, who demands more dynamic knowledge in drawing and painting, then this is for you.

Our school puts a lot of focus on teaching you about anatomy, perspective, proportions, light and shadow, color theory, composition, etc. All of these things are very important to know if you want to be able to draw anything from imagination correctly. An example would be: If you want to draw the human figure from any angle in any pose (which is a necessity for comic and concept artists), then you need to have good in-depth knowledge of anatomy in your backpack. Do you want to paint a beautiful landscape with a person standing in front of a sunset? Then it’s important to have fundamental knowledge in color theory.

The reason for going to an art school like ours is not that you can’t achieve these things on your own. But it will save you a lot of time and you will have people who are constantly pushing you in the right direction. This will aid you in making faster progress.

Have you ever tried learning a new language on your own? In most cases, you will make more progress by attending a language course. This is because the people teaching you have already mastered the language, but they started their journey from the same place as you. Most of the questions our students ask us about drawing and painting are about subjects, that the teachers themselves have thought about or struggled with.

If you are thinking about becoming an illustrator or comic book artist we can help you achieving your goals and being successful. Want to share your thoughts on this subject? Just leave us a comment on this page or send us a message!

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