Learning drawing: Why do you draw and what do you like to draw the most?

The wish to draw is deeply rooted in ourselves. Our motivation for drawing is as individual as our drawing style. Some people are drawing to create something beautiful. Some people express their emotions through their drawings. Some people like to entertain others. No matter which motivation you have, drawings or pictures in general are the strongest and most powerful form of communication we have.

What is your motivation for drawing?

Tell us, what motivates you to learn drawing! It is very exciting to get to know all the different reasons and share them with others. We are looking forward to reading your comments!

What do you like to draw and how are you doing it exactly?

What do you like to draw the most? Is it the human body, that’s fascinating you? Or maybe portraits of VIP’s? Is it the 3D-effect, attracting you? Or do you prefer to be outside, drawing landscapes or cities?

How do you like to draw? Do you prefer to draw from a copy or a photograph or directly from nature? Are you standing or sitting while drawing? Which materials do you use for your drawings?

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