The Academy of Fine Art Germany is specialised in classical training of academic drawing and painting. Together we build your art career.

What is your goal in the art industry?

Professional artist, architect, digital artist, graphic designer, fashion designer, product designer, sculptor, tattoo artist or gaming industry professional. These are all professions, in which you must be able to draw and paint realistically and traditionally. In most national universities this is something you will not learn. They mostly concentrate on theory like art history or will focus on modern subjects. But realistic drawing and painting is the foundation of everything. Old masters as well as living masters were aware of this and therefore studied this craft properly.

For this reason, over the past 20 years academies like ours were built to bring back the tradition and quality of learning these skills.

The Academy of Fine Art Germany creates professional artists. We make you feel powerful and give you the security to draw and paint whatever you want.

Our teachers all graduated from famous art academies and are all highly professional artists. We work with a permanent team of teachers as well as a group of flexible instructors coming in for workshops / lectures.

We Are Art

We are the courageous ones,
the ones, who break out
to find ourselves
and get lost forever

We’re in love
with freedom
and desire
for old
and new,
for the well-known
and the unfamiliar

We are perfectionists,
obsessed with detail,
striving for orderliness
and chaos,
light and darkness,
contrast and harmony.

We’re encouraged,
in being something
that others see in us,
and maybe we can as well.

We are fleshly,
filled with laughter,
and seriousness,
and coldness,
our void
brought into shape,

We are art.