You are interested in realistic figurative art? You want to master realistic painting and drawing?

How about a professional study in which you systematically learn and practice these subjects?

All this and much more you will learn in our Academy. Our program is approved by the American institution Art Renewal Center as the only institution in Germany teaching realistic figurative art.

Our program also got accredited by the Educational Department from the county Hessen, called “Hessiche Lehrkräfteakademie”, as further education for teachers, directors and lecturers professors.

Art students, artists, architects, illustrators, designers, tattoo artists and beginners have all a common goal: "First of all, to learn to draw and paint properly!"

If you are looking for a place where you can learn realistic drawing and painting, then you are right here!

Convince yourself. Get to know us. Call us. Write us. Click through our page. … or just come over!


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